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Yoni Steam Tea

Yoni Steam Tea

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Yoni Steam Tea

Vaginal steaming is an age old natural remedy to cleanse the V-agina and uterus.  It may help regulate menstruation, reduce pms symptoms, bloating and period pain.   This beautiful, supportive blend may also be consumed as a tea to drink.

Yoni Steam Potential Benefits:

  • Release stored emotions
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Reduce painful periods
  • Heal from emotional and sexual trauma 
  • Reduce uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, PCOS, uterine weakness & prolapse
  • Relieve chronic UTI's and chronic yeast infections
  • Detoxify womb & release toxins from body

This herbal blend contains a variety of natural ingredients with beneficial properties.


Calendula - Is known for skin health, wound healing, anti-inflammatory, anticancer.  Can help with yeast infections and reducing pain.  Eases cramping and heaviness.

Chamomile - May help to reduce menstrual pain, inflammation and dryness.  Increases relaxation, helps with wound healing, flushes toxins, regulates menstrual cycle.  Reduces cramping, tension and pain.

Comfrey - Is known to moisturize and strengthen the vaginal tissues, helpful with menopausal and post menopausal symptoms.

Jasmine - Is a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, may reduce symptoms of menopause.

Lavender - Is an antiseptic and antibacterial herb with soothing and powerful cleansing properties for a healthy vaginal environment.

Raspberry Leaf - May increase blood flow to the uterus, improve or maintain healthy functioning of the reproductive organs.

Red Rose botanicals - Help to alleviate constipation, its antibacterial properties will help to prevent spreading of bacteria and will give relief to UTI's and Yeast infections.

Rosemary - May help to increase menstrual flow, and relieve cramping.  It is an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant.

Rose hips - Known for regeneration, reducing scars, as an antioxidant & anti-inflammatory, for hydration, and to help boost collagen.

Yarrow - A powerful infection fighter, great for wound repair and tender, bruised & stitched tissues.

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