About Mystic Rose

Helen Murray a Spiritual Wealth Coach, PsychicMedium, Reiki Master and Rose Alchemist.  She works deeply with the energy of the Rose, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. Helen has created a beautiful line of natural Rose products made with rose petals, rose buds and rose essential oil.

Helen initially created these timeless products for her coaching clients to help them raise their personal vibrations as they were doing the internal work and going through all the feelings that arise when continuing in growth.

Rose is the highest vibrational plant we have on earth. Helen fell in love with the scent when she was a young child vacationing at her Grandmother's who used a rose milk lotion as part of her daily morning ritual. That smell has always stayed with her and as she began to work with the energy of the rose she began to understand just how powerful it was. 

The healing properties of rose are unsurpassed. It is a unique blend of light and dark; it represents the light with her petals and the shadow side with her thorns. She (the rose) truly is the energy of Goddess power!

The rose energy invokes love, wisdom, and wealth and she is here for you when you are ready to receive her.