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the rose mystic

Sage and Rose Bud Cleansing Wand

Sage and Rose Bud Cleansing Wand

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This unique cleansing wand can be kept on a shelf for home decor or used in practise but it is so beautiful you may think twice before burning it but we hope not as the addition of the rose is powerful.

These cleansing wands will cleanse and bless your sacred space, and those around you.  Rose adds the blessings of love, happiness and new beginnings. The combined effects of using Cedar and Rose for cleansing your space and your body include stimulating love, romance, sexual arousal, passion, peace and harmony.  Rose is a wonderful addition to the sage and cedar because it fills the energy void left behind once the negative energy is removed. 

White Sage is placed in an abalone shell or heat proof vessel of your choosing. Some cultures use only shells such as Abalone, because the shell acts as an element of water, which then balances the other elements of fire, air, and earth (sage). Light the dried plants; you may choose to use a feather (air) to aid the burning by waving a feather.  You may also simply use your hand.  I like to ensure that I hold the stick over the shell to avoid dropping any embers. 

Allow the stick to simply smoulder rather than blowing on the mixture.   It is seen as blowing negativity into the mix and you may also blow away the effectiveness of the plant.  The smoke is then wafted around whatever object, person or space you are cleansing, creating a bath of smoke.

Potential Benefits of Cleansing with Sage:

  • Purification
  • Symptom relief
  • Dispels Negativity Energy
  • Excellent to use in Spirituality practices
  • Cleanse of charge objects, including crystals
  • Mood booster
  • Aids with Sleep
  • Creates Sacred Space
  • Brain Booster
  • Soothe Stress

Ingredients:  White Sage (Salvia Apiana), 4" stick, Rose buds.

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