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Cedar and Rose Bud Cleansing Wand

Cedar and Rose Bud Cleansing Wand

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These cleansing wands will cleanse and bless your sacred space, and those around you.  Rose adds the blessings of love, happiness and new beginnings. The combined effects of using Cedar and Rose for cleansing your space and your body include stimulating love, romance, sexual arousal, passion, peace and harmony.  Rose is a wonderful addition to the sage and cedar because it fills the energy void left behind once the negative energy is removed. 

Cedar (Smudge) Cleansing Sticks with Rose Buds are always handcrafted with positive intentions and each one is lovingly infused with Reiki.  Cedar is known as the "Tree of Life".  Cedar has been used for centuries for wound healing, restoring balance, protection, and removing negative energy. 

Each order is carefully wrapped in an attractive wrapping.

Instructions for use:  Always use a heat safe vessel or dish when burning these sticks.  Never leave them burning unattended.  Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Make wonderful home warming gifts to cleanse the energy of a new home, wonderful to tuck into a baby gift to cleanse a new nursery/bedroom.  Wonderful gift for anyone who wishes to cleanse their space or themselves.

Ingredients:  Cedar, rosebuds.

Disclaimer - Always use caution when burning any item.  Always read instructions before use.  We are not responsible for any injuries, damages or losses resulting from the use or misuse of The Rose Mystic products.  By purchasing this product you accept this statement and release Helen Murray, The Rose Mystic or any subsidiaries from all liability.  

Thank you for shopping with me.

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