Our Brand Story

Hi, It is Helen again.  I think it is important for customers to know why it is that we do what we do, how we got started and what impact we are trying to make.

I am a Spiritual Money Coach, Medium, Rose Priestess, Energy Guide, Reiki Master and I created these beautiful Good Vibrations Rose Products to support my clients through their healing journeys and help them raise their personal vibrations in a loving, supportive, and gentle way.

My Grandmother always used a rose milk in her morning routine and that scent has stayed with me as a reminder of lavish self care.  In later years I found that I loved raising roses, and eventually came to work with the rose energy as part of my relationship with both Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, who along with Jesus are my Guides.

I grow my own roses to use in my products and when I need to I buy from local growers who cherish the rose, her beauty and energy, as much as I do.

It is important to me not to create waste and to be as kind and gentle to Mother Earth(Gaia) as possible in the production of my wares while still offering a beautiful, high end product.